Committed to the Advancement of Latinos in the Legal Profession and the Empowerment of the Latino Community Through Service and Advocacy

MABA High School Visitation Program

The Mexican American Bar Association (“MABA”) is a professional organization whose mission is to empower the Latino community. Our membership is comprised of law students, attorneys, mediators, judges, and others in the legal community in Los Angeles County. MABA organizes several events to carry out its mission including Community Legal Fairs and visits to Los Angeles County high schools.

This year, MABA’s High School Visitation Committee intends to visit one high school per month between February and November, 2019. The speakers will be MABA members who are law students, attorneys, and/or judges. The purpose of the High School Visitation Program is to expose high school students to law students and lawyers who can share personal stories that resonate with students from diverse backgrounds. We hope that by sharing our stories, we can inspire high school students to attend college and consider a career in law.

If you would like MABA to visit your classroom or program, please complete the request form (click here) and return it to and CC’d to Please provide at least two weeks notice prior to the requested presentation date.

The school or program has the flexibility to formulate the presentation structure. MABA will attempt to secure at least two volunteer MABA members for each presentation.   Due to our limited capacity, we may not be able to accommodate every request and will do our best to secure speakers for your students.


Should you have any questions, please call or email me. I would be happy to work with you to set up a visit by MABA members to meet and speak to the young people in your classroom or program.

I look forward to collaborating with you!


Ana Mendoza, Chair