About us

Our History

MABA was founded in 1959 by a group of Mexican American attorneys who saw the need to create an organization committed to empowering and educating the Latino community.

Over the years MABA’s membership has evolved to include members of various ethnic backgrounds. Its members provide support, educational assistance, charity and fund-raising to further Latino causes.

MABA supports higher education and diversity in the legal community. MABA awards scholarships to law students through the MABA Foundation. In addition, MABA members mentor students interested in pursuing a higher education in the legal profession or government.

MABA also provides

low-cost legal assistance

to members of the community through its Lawyer Referral Information Service (LRIS). MABA members consistently donate their time at no cost to the community by providing legal and professional assistance.

MABA members have drafted legislation that helps protect the rights of the Latino community. MABA has also championed legislation that helped eliminate the illegal practice of law by non-attorneys, who have targeted the immigrant community seeking residency or citizenship status.

Because MABA members have earned the recognition and respect of various government and community leaders, it has become a dependable resource when addressing issues affecting our communities.

To download the MABA Amended Bylaws 2018, click here.